The Bellavista is a seaside resort family owned hotel which preserves enough of the character and charm of a bygone era - the original structure was built in the 1920’s – to make more than a few Colombians comment that it deserves to be named national monument.

It is located half a mile north of the old walled city, quite literally just a stone’s throw from the beach. From May through early November you can enjoy swimming there and if you get out early enough in the morning you’ll see as many egrets and pelicans gathering around the fishermen while they pull their nets into shore as you might in any other area around Cartagena. As a matter of fact, there is no better place in the whole of Cartagena to see the pelicans flying in formation because everyday they follow a route coming out of and returning to their principle nesting area which goes right over the jettie out in front of the Bellavista. So the hotel lives up to its name, beautiful view.

For decades this place has been a favorite of intellectuals, artists, students, musicians – in addition to just everyday people – coming from the interior of Colombia or in their peregrinations from other South American nations, Europe and North America.